All of my treatments take into account your individual needs. I will ask a few questions about your health & lifestyle on your first visit to ensure you receive the most suitable option.

The therapy room is cosy and tranquil, with soft, warm towels and a comfortable, supportive therapy table to help you feel even more relaxed.

Reflexology. This natural and holistic therapy works through the feet to access the whole body. The skilled hands of your therapist apply pressure to precise points on the feet (mainly the soles), which correspond to all the major organs, glands, cells, and systems within.

Reflexology does not claim to cure; instead, it facilitates internal balance and functioning, thus maximizing the body’s potential for healing. Many people report feeling deeply relaxed and their feet feeling lighter following their reflexology session.

£45 (60 mins) 

Course of 6 ~ £225 (save £45)

Reflexology with Foot Massage. Upgrade your reflexology session and enjoy a soothing and relaxing lower leg and foot massage. Massage is an excellent way to help ease tension in muscles and joints, alleviate stress, boost blood flow throughout the body, oxygenate the body’s cells, and stimulate the lymphatic system.

An organic cream is infused with 100% pure essential oils of lavender, tea tree oil, and peppermint. 

£50 (70 mins)

Course of 6 ~ £250 (save £50)

Reflexology for Menopause

This specialised form of reflexology aims to support women during menopause, reduce stress, ease symptoms, and aid a good night’s sleep.  Includes a relaxing leg and foot massage. 

£45 (60 mins)

Course of 6 ~ £225 (save £45)

Deluxe Reflexology for Menopause 

Enhance your reflexology treatment with an aromatherapy lower leg and foot massage using a sumptuous blend of pure essential oils. This upgraded treatment ends with an endocrine balance to help balance your hormones.

£50 (75 mins)

Course of 6 ~ £250 (save £50)

Lower Leg & Foot Massage

Have you tired, aching legs? Sore, puffy feet? This revitalising massage can help boost blood flow, reduce swelling, and soothe lower legs and feet. 

I add a few drops of beautiful essential oils to a nourishing organic foot balm to help put a spring back in your step! 

£25 (30 mins)

Aromatherapy Back Massage. Individually chosen essential oils and expert massage techniques combine to soothe aching back and shoulder muscles. Feel lighter, looser and more relaxed!

£50 (60 mins)

Course of 6 ~ £250 (save £50)

Aromatherapy Neck & Shoulder Massage. 

This seated massage of the neck and shoulders uses a blend of bespoke essential oils to help relax tight, stiff muscles, encourage circulation, and increase flexibility. 

£45 (45 mins)

Course of 6 ~ £225 (save £45)

Combination Treatments

Reflexology with Aromatherapy Back Massage. For those who need a little rest and relaxation, this is for you. First, enjoy a rejuvenating aromatherapy back massage with therapeutic oils such as lavender, orange, and frankincense, then relax into your reflexology session. 

£65 (90 mins)  

Reflexology with Aromatherapy Neck & Shoulder Massage. This treatment begins with a seated massage of the neck and shoulders, using a blend of pure essential oils to help relax tight, stiff muscles, encourage circulation, and increase flexibility.

After your massage, you can chill out with a soothing reflexology session.

£65 (90 mins) 


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