Treatments & Prices

I offer a Free 15 minutes telephone or in-person consultation before your first appointment.  The information gathered is strictly confidential and allows me to choose the most appropriate treatment/s for your individual needs.

A 50% deposit is required for new clients when booking. 



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Reflexology  £45 (60 mins)

Reflexology with Foot Massage  £50  (70 mins)

Upgrade your reflexology session and enjoy a blissful lower leg and foot massage to pamper those tired feet!. A foot massage is a great way to boost circulation. An organic cream is infused with pure essential oils to leave your feet feeling soothed, lighter and invigorated!

Reflexology & Back Massage  £65  (90 mins)

This popular combination allows you to experience the benefits of reflexology and massage therapy in one session. Your treatment begins with either a therapeutic or aromatherapy back massage depending on your needs at the time. You can then relax into a reflexology session.


Massage Therapy

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Therapeutic Back Massage

This massage is an excellent solution for back, neck, and shoulder pain. Various massage techniques release tension in the soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves) and loosen stiff joints to help reduce pain, increase circulation, and improve range of movement.

£45  (45 mins)   

£50  (60 mins)    

Neck & Shoulder Massage    

Are you sitting at a computer all day? Do you think you could improve your posture? If most of the tension you are experiencing is in your neck and shoulders, this massage would be most suitable. To begin with, you will be seated before moving to the therapy table. The massage techniques will loosen various muscle groups in the neck and shoulders, easing tension, increasing range of movement, and improving posture. Many of my clients have commented afterward on how much lighter and more relaxed they feel. 

£45  (45 mins) 

Full Body Massage   

A full body massage helps promote well-being by soothing body pain, increasing blood and lymph flow, relaxing the nervous system, and increasing energy levels. This massage includes the back, arms, legs, shoulders, and neck.

£50  (60 mins)

Indian Head Massage  

This traditional Indian technique begins with a gentle yet stimulating head massage which can soothe a tension headache or migraine, reduce stress, aid sleep, and possibly encourage healthy hair growth. The treatment continues with massage to the shoulders and neck to stretch and relax knotted muscles and leave you feeling rested and refreshed. 

£45 (45 mins)

The Deluxe Package

This combination treatment package is for you if one hour isn’t enough or you need a little “time-out.” Combine any of the treatments on this page to create your own highly tailored, and rejuvenating experience.

£90  (120 mins) 

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