Frequently Asked Question’s

Here, I’ve responded to some of the most frequently asked questions

about my studio and therapies.

Where are you located? My home-based therapy studio is located at Wesley Terrace, no 66 Low Road, Lisburn, BT28 4TJ. Go here for directions and a map.

Is there parking nearby? Yes. There is on-street parking along Wesley Terrace. You can park opposite my house or nearby if you can’t find space. 

When are you open? My opening hours are; Mon 10am – 6pm, Tues 2pm – 8pm, Wed, Thurs & Fri 10am – 8pm, Sat 10am – 2pm. Closed Sun. I respond to calls, texts, and emails during my business hours.

How do you accept payment? I accept cash or card payments.

Who are your treatments for? As of 2020, my services have been exclusively tailored to women’s midlife health and well-being; consequently, I no longer provide treatments for men or children. 

Do you have wheelchair access? No.

Do you have toilet facilities? Yes. There is a bathroom close to the therapy room.

What if I need to cancel my appointment? If you need to cancel your appointment, I kindly ask for a 24-hour notice. This not only allows me to waive your appointment, but also opens up the opportunity for another client to schedule in your place. Click here to see my cancellation policies.

Do you send an appointment reminder? Yes, I will remind you at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Questions about Reflexology

What to expect on my first visit. Understanding that visiting a new place can be a little daunting, you can discover what to anticipate on your initial visit to my home-based studio by clicking here.

Is reflexology painful? During a reflexology session, if you experience any discomfort or sensitivity in certain areas on your feet, please let me know, and I can adjust the pressure. The overall experience is gentle and relaxing.

Is Reflexology Safe? When performed by a fully trained and accredited therapist reflexology is a safe treatment for most people of all ages. However in some instances reflexology isn’t suitable. Please go here to find out more.

How many sessions will I need to have? The number of reflexology treatments varies depending on the individual and their reasons for seeking therapy. To provide some insight, my clients generally attend my reflexology studio monthly to maintain their physical and emotional well-being. However, if someone is experiencing specific health issues such as excessive stress levels, they may need to come more frequently. As a professional reflexologist, I can offer guidance on the appropriate number of treatments and their frequency.

Questions about Aromatherapy

What pressure is used during an aromatherapy massage? I generally use medium pressure to help ease any knotted tension and relieve muscle stiffness. If you prefer gentler pressure, that is fine. We can chat about what pressure you like before the treatment begins.

Do you offer pregnancy massage? No, pregnancy massage should be carried out by a trained and accredited massage therapist specialising in this modality. As I haven’t undergone this training, I am not qualified to perform pregnancy massages.

Do you offer full body massage? No. My aromatherapy treatments are specifically designed to address tension in the back, neck, and shoulders.

What products do you use? I use only the finest quality natural oils for your skin. I exclusively use premium cold-pressed carrier oils, like grapeseed and sweet almond oils, into which I carefully infuse pure essential oils.

What do I wear for an aromatherapy back massage or reflexology/aromatherapy combination treatment? The recommended clothing worn during your treatment is a pair of elasticated trousers, like jogging bottoms. If you are also receiving reflexology, please ensure that the bottoms are loose enough to be drawn up to your knees, as this treatment involves massage of the lower legs and feet.

Do you have a changing room? You will have time to prepare for your treatment and to get dressed afterwards in the privacy of the treatment room. I will knock on the door before entering.

If your question isn’t on this page please give a me on 079222 74412. 


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