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When you have back pain it can play havoc with everyday life…


Sleeping, walking, standing, sitting and doing all the things you used to do effortlessly…before back pain. Massage therapy can help you. I’m Julie, a fully qualified massage therapist and reflexologist with  7 years experience in treating people just like you, with back, neck and shoulder muscle pain.

I understand exactly how this type of pain can affect you, physically as well as emotionally. My massage treatments work on a therapeutic level which means really getting to those pain spots and tight bands of muscle tissue. The aim is to relax the muscles and other soft tissues, reduce inflammation, increase circulation and break down adhesions which in turn gives you more freedom of movement and reduced pain.

If you have never had therapeutic or remedial massage therapy before let me explain a little. Each treatment is tailored around your needs, you may need a lot more work on your shoulder or lower back for example. You may even need the hamstring muscles loosened. This will be ascertained during your FREE consultation. The whole procedure of your first massage appointment will be explained to you. Rest assured you will receive the highest quality massage treatment, professionalism, courtesy and friendliness.

“I had a fantastic back, neck & shoulder massage with Julie. She took so much time advising me on relaxation techniques. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and feel great after it. Thank-you Julie, I’ll be back soon” – Michelle McGrath


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Therapies Available

• Therapeutic Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
• Deep Tissue Lower Back & Leg Massage
• Indian Head Massage
• Aromatherapy
• Reflexology

Feel Refreshed & Restored

Each highly personalized treatment is aimed at helping restore you to a more harmonious and balanced state of being.

This assists your body to activate it’s very own powerful healing capacity… promoting a healthier, happier you!

If you need help with choosing a treatment call Julie today for a FREE Consultation.

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