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Specialising In Natural Back Pain Relief 

With Massage Therapy 

Do You Suffer With Low Back Pain That Disrupts Your Daily Life?

Have You Sore, Tight Shoulders From Your Desk Job?

Almost constant backache can have a huge impact on our daily lives and the distressing thing is that it never seems to go away completely, or it goes way for a little while only t return.  Back pain can be caused by excessive muscle tightness, overuse of the muscles, poor posture and stress and anxiety.

Back pain is frustrating and worrying because you’re not sure how it started or what you can do to ease it. This physical discomfort isnt visible to others but you feel that exhausting and relentless aching gnaw nonetheless. You may have tried painkillers, heat rubs, stretching and exercise but still the pain persists. All you want is to feel flexible and pain free once again. 

Massage Therapy Can Help Reduce Pain And Get You Moving More Freely Again

Therapeutic Massage Therapy focuses on muscles using a combination of skilled techniques to reduce pain and restriction in the back, neck and shoulders. What makes therapeutic massage the simple solution to the misery of your aching back is the application of deeper movements (to locate and release muscle tightness) and the relaxing, soothing effect it has on your whole body and mind.  

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What People Are Saying About My Therapeutic Massage Therapy Treatments.

“From time to time I suffer crippling low back pain which leads to neck and shoulder pain. After years of trying various sources of pain relief I finally found someone who can really help. Julie at Urban Serenity. Julie is friendly and takes the time to listen to your needs and uses het knowledge and skills to treat the client. After every treatment I am much more mobile and pain free. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Julie to anyone suffering with ow back pain/sciatica”.  Mr. Stephen Thompson ~ Lisburn 

“Had been attending Physiotherapy for 4 months for severe pain and lack of movement in my shoulder. Physio had helped shoulder mobility but the pain was still severe with strong painkillers having no effect. My Physio suggested massage therapy and I booked a course of treatments wit Julie (therapeutic neck and shoulder massage.Amazingly after just two sessions my pain had significantly reduced and by the end of my course of treatment I was virtually pain free. I cant believe how much better I feel. I will continue to see Julie regularly and would not hesitate to recommend”   Mrs. J McCune ~ Ballinderry 

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Therapies Available

• Therapeutic Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
• Deep Tissue Lower Back & Leg Massage
• Indian Head Massage
• Aromatherapy
• Reflexology

Feel Refreshed & Restored

Each highly personalized treatment is aimed at helping restore you to a more harmonious and balanced state of being.

This assists your body to activate it’s very own powerful healing capacity… promoting a healthier, happier you!

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