Optimum Health In Today’s Busy World…


The stresses of modern life can take their toll. It seems as though the moment we wake, we are responding to the demands and needs of everyone and everything. All this busyness and distraction throughout the day can harm the body and mind.


Do you ever; 


  • Go home each day with aching back pain after sitting for hours at your computer desk?
  • Experience shoulders that are so stiff and sore nothing you do seems to loosen them up?
  • Feel so tired that you could sleep the clock round?
  • Find it difficult to quieten that  ‘scrambled brain’ when you finally get to bed? 
  • Feel worried and stressed more often than not?


These are just some of the health issues my clients tell me they deal with every day. It’s essential; therefore, to take some ‘time-out’ from our hectic lives to nurture our, physical, mental, and emotional selves.





Urban Serenity is a Natural Health & Wellness Clinic located in the heart of Lisburn City Centre. The clinic provides high-quality holistic treatments and excellent customer care in a professional environment. Julie Mulholland is the owner, who is dedicated to understanding and addressing the needs of today’s modern man and woman.


On offer is a selection of Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology treatments that are adapted to the individual’s specific health issues and can help to;


  • Relax excessively tight back, neck and shoulder muscles
  • Reduce muscle and joint pain
  • Increase circulation
  • Improve flexibility 
  • Soothe tension headaches
  • Promote deep restorative sleep
  • Relax the mind to ease anxiety 
  • Promote overall health and well~being…naturally! 


Julie is a highly trained and skilled Natural Health Practitioner specializing in therapeutic massage and reflexology. She has ten years of experience helping people just like you. To find out more about Julie and her qualifications click here. On your first visit, you are required to fill out a consultation form. This short set of questions gives the relevant data needed and is kept strictly confidential. Information about your health, well~being, and lifestyle will enable Julie to ascertain the most suitable and beneficial treatment plan for you. 



Call today to arrange an appointment on:

(028) 92 678064