Therapeutic Massage Can Help Relax Tension and Stiffness Of The Back, Neck & Shoulders.

Therapeutic Massage aims to:

• Relax muscles of the back, neck and shoulders.

• Release painful muscle knots and break down old scar tissue

• Improve blood and lymph flow to the cells

• Encourage the elimination of waste materials

• Release compression on nerves

• Encourages the release of endorphins (your body’s own natural pain relieving hormone)

• Improve nerve flow

Enjoy Freedom From Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain!

Today’s modern world can contribute to back pain particularly if you work at a computer all day. This can cause excessive muscle tightness of the lower back, neck and shoulders which most people find impossible to get rid of!

Therapeutic Massage can naturally help ease nagging back pain, helping you feel looser,relaxed and more flexible.

Each treatment is individually tailored to ensure you get the right massage treatment that delivers the best result…for you!

What To Expect At Your Massage Appointment

  • You will fill out a short consultation form on your first visit. This enables me to gather relevant information about you (which is kept strictly confidential under the data protection laws) and ensures you receive the most suitable treatment for your needs.
  • During your massage treatment you can wear a comfortable pair of loose fitting trousers e.g. jogging bottoms. All top clothing and footwear is to be removed. You will be in left in privacy to get ready.
  • Your treatment room is designed to help you feel instantly relaxed. Soft, clean towels are used for your comfort.
  • Therapeutic massage is a deeper form of massage, however, the pressure is always adjusted to your comfort levels.
  • Following your massage you have plenty of time to get dressed and have a glass of water.

The results we aim for are:

  • Increased muscle and joint movement providing better posture, mobility.
  • The tissues and cells nourished with oxygen and vital nutrients, encouraging the body’s natural healing process.
  • Relaxed muscles.
  • An increased sense of overall health and wellness.

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