Therapeutic Massage Is The Ideal Solution To Quickly & Effectively Relieve Muscle Tightness That Causes Back Pain. Call Today To Arrange Your FREE 20 Minute Consultation.

Massage Therapy works to:

• Relax soft tissue (muscle, tendons, ligaments, nerves, fascia)

• Release painful muscle knots and break down old scar tissue

• Improve blood and lymph flow to the cells

• Encourage the elimination of waste materials

• Release compression on nerves

• Encourages the release of endorphin’s, your body’s own natural pain relieving hormones.

• Improve nerve flow

Enjoy Freedom From Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain!

Does your lower back ache or feel really tight? Have you sore, stiff muscles and joints? Do you experience discomfort and pain/tingling around a hip, buttock or leg?

Or perhaps you have painful knots around your shoulder blades that seem to send pain shooting right up into into your neck and head?

Our modern world can play a huge factor in the development of back, neck and shoulder pain which can, at times become debilitating. Poor posture, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, sitting for prolonged periods of time, head hanging forwards when using a mobile phone or laptop, mental pressure, and negative stress are major causes of this type of pain.

I’m Julie, a qualified Massage Therapist. I have over six years experience of working in my practice helping people from all walks of life and varying degrees of back, neck & shoulder pain. This has given me a valuable insight into how it can affect your physical & mental wellness, your work, your sleep and your quality of life!

The Good News Is, There Is A Natural Solution!

Therapeutic Massage Therapy uses a combination of techniques which includes deep tissue and trigger point therapy.

Each treatment is designed to suit your individual needs to deliver optimum results.

What To Expect At Your Massage Appointment

  • To choose the best treatment for your needs, we’ll talk with you about the reason for your visit, that could be back pain, stress, stiff muscles. This time is not deducted from your treatment time. (Your initial visit includes a strictly confidential medical consultation to ensure your safety)
  • For your treatment you need only remove your top and footwear for a back, neck and shoulder massage. Hint: For comfort, we recommend you to wear jogging bottoms or leggings during your treatment.
  • You will be left in privacy to get prepared and onto the massage table. Your therapist will knock the door before entering.
  • Communication between client and therapist is important during a treatment. If you find the pressure a little uncomfortable, or feel too chilly or warm, please tell your therapist.
  • Following your massage you will be left in privacy to get dressed again and given a glass of water.

The results we aim for are:

  • Increased muscle and joint movement providing better posture, physical performance and mobility.
  • The tissues and cells nourished with oxygen and vital nutrients, encouraging the body’s natural healing process.
  • Reduced pain
  • A more relaxed you…physically and mentally.

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