Urban Serenity Natural Health & Wellness…how it all began.

I starting working in the field of Natural Health and Wellness in 2010 following 4 years of training, practise and study and then opening Urban Serenity. I’m a member of the Federation Of Holistic Therapists (FHT). My qualifications includes;

• Anatomy & Physiology (Diploma)
• Therapeutic Massage Techniques (Certificate)
• Advanced & Deep Tissue Massage (Diploma)
• Aromatherapy (Diploma)
• Indian Head Massage (Certificate)
• Reflexology (Diploma)

When I was 14 years old I had major surgery to correct a curvature of my spine. Simply put, the midsection of my spine was bending to one side and it wasn’t getting any straighter. It was a scary and lonely time in my life. Following the surgery I was given strong drugs and my body was like a pin cushion with the amount of injections I needed every day. I remember how necessary the pain medication was at the time but also how ill I felt, however, thanks to one truly gifted orthopedic surgeon, my spine was once again straight 🙂

I still get back pain and because I had to take so much pharmaceutical medication as a child my passion for a  natural solution to  back pain was born. My experience, albeit not a pleasant one, has given me a wonderful gift, which is the ability to truly emphasis with a person when they tell about their back pain. I fully understand how physically debilitating and emotionally frustrating back pain can be.

I made the decision to reach out and help others ease the misery of back pain thus increasing their quality of life. I wanted to offer solutions that were not only safe and natural but effective too.

That took a few years of dedicated training and studying and in 2010 I opened Urban Serenity. I use Therapeutic Massage (specializing in reducing excessive muscle tension) and Reflexology for stress reduction and general well~being of body and mind.

I also love to share self~care techniques I use myself to help keep my back as strong and healthy as possible throughout the rest of my life including; developing a good posture, correct breathing, gentle stretching, heat therapy, essential oils, and most importantly how to stay calm and relaxed when all you can think about is your back pain, why it started and when it’s going to go away!

My aim is to put anyone new to Massage Therapy or Reflexology completely at ease, therefore I’ve ensured my clinic is designed to feel instantly welcoming, relaxed and safe. The treatment room is cosy and hygienic with soft clean towels for your comfort.

A confidential consultation  is taken on your first visit to ascertain the right treatment approach. This ensures the most beneficial results for you. I will then explain how your Massage Therapy Treatment or Reflexology session will be carried out and answer any questions you may have.



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