Julie is a Natural Health Practitioner specialising in Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology. She helps women and men of all ages with health conditions such as back pain, neck and shoulder tension, poor circulation, headaches, stress, and insomnia.


She is a member of the FHT (Federation Of Holistic Therapists). Her qualifications are;

• Anatomy & Physiology (Diploma)

• Therapeutic Massage Techniques (Certificate)

• Advanced & Deep Tissue Massage Techniques (Diploma)

• Aromatherapy (Diploma)

• Indian Head Massage (Certificate)

• Reflexology (Diploma)


My Road to Natural Health & Wellness.

“When I was 14 years old, I had major back surgery to correct a curvature of my spine. This curvature is medically known as Scoliosis. My spine is now straight thanks to the genius skills of an orthopedic surgeon to whom I will be eternally grateful. Following my surgery, I had potent drugs to help control the pain, which, although necessary, made me feel very ill.

My experience birthed a keen interest in natural and alternative solutions to back pain, and this leads me to my training in Massage Therapy. It was during this training that I discovered having a regular massage on my back, helped quickly regenerate damaged nerves as well as relieve excessive muscle tension”.

I trained in other therapies before opening my own Natural Health and Wellness clinic in June 2010..

“Today’s man and woman often live busy; stressful lives, seemingly responding to the demands of everyday life the moment they wake. These high expectations can put a considerable burden on us physically, as well as mentally and emotionally.

“We yearn for the freedom to move our body freely without restriction and feel the vitality and energy needed to engage life fully. I aim to help you achieve optimum natural health and wellness in your own life today!”. Julie


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